Matt House

Matt house’s project ‘The Other Matt’ explores the idea of impersonation through using “different formats that initiate existential discussions around the formation of identity, the performance of self, our social rituals and systems” [1]. Through creating his own doppelganger he places the new matt into his life, interacting with his family, girlfriend and college ceremony. Similarly in my JJ project, which I have previously discussed, I explored changing my identity into that of a character from a film (who is based on a real life person). House’s transformation process reminds me of my own, analysing the behaviour, sub sectioning it, recording it so it can be interoperated by someone else. By drawing attention our social rituals House questions the extent to which his identity can be taken/ mimicked.

Similarities can be draw from his project AKA Port Hamilton where he explored the identity of a small the small South Korean islands of Geomundo that Britain invaded for two years in 1885 [2]. Even though the invasion only lasted a small amount of time there was things left by the British that are still present in Geomundo today such as tennis and board games. The film “consisting of a series of performed rituals intended to place a microscope over the historic description of the Port Hamilton incident” shows the implications of the “geopolitical strategies on the everyday reality of individuals” [2]. Through exploring the identity of Port Hamilton House acts as a fictional British character living the life of an invader in Port Hamilton. Through the use of his character he explains the effect Britain had on this small island. Through my own work it would be interesting to address the identity of a group of people, place or continent rather than just looking into one individual as I have previously done.


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(image 2) House, M. (2015) AKA PORT HAMILTON Available at: (Accessed: 12/08/17)graduation-pic1-small_640



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