Into Orbit

Joseph Popper uses the narrative of an aspiring astronaut that is attempting to simulate the experience of outer space in an urban playground. Through creating a fictional space out of a real environment popper brings the life of an astronaut into the city. Similarly in my own project Escape I escaped from myself using the character Jesse James; I placed Jesse James in my life in environments where he would not normally be seen. Popper uses a routine of an astronaut getting ready to go into space practising activities such as how take off would feel. When I was practising my own routine it was confided to my house; it would be interesting to put fictional characters into real life spaces that I make fictional through changing the use of the environment- similar to what has been done with the roundabout and the astronaut. Although I took Jesse into the outside world towards the end of my project I lacked the use of altering ready-made environments. My Jesse James was similar but not completely relatable to JJ in the film, one reason that Poppers film is so successful is the use of a real life looking astronaut suit, the physical transformation of character in my own work was incomplete and is something that I would want to explore in the future.


Popper, J. (2017) Joseph Popper Available at: (11/08/17)

(image) Popper, J. (2017) Joseph Popper Available at: (11/08/17)


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