Kristina Cranfeld

Kristina Cranfeld projects explore identity of groups through fictional narrative. In her project Manufactured Britishness she looks at the UK Citizenship test and creates a narrative of a training ground for immigrants to learn what it is to be British in order to “sustain national identity in order to maximise capitalistic agendas” [1]. Through drawing attention to the bizarreness of the citizenship test we question “at what point does one become British” and “who makes the final decision? [1]” Similar to Matt House, Cranfeld addresses a group’s identity through a fictional narrative. Although her film is based around a real life test the premise of the film is to make the political point of how obscene the test is and questions why we feel the need to manufacture a state of Britishness. Where as House addresses what Britain has left behind to a society Cranfeld addresses what we need to do to belong to one. What interests me about them both is how they address real life issues and illustrates them through a narrative.

[1] Cranfeld, K. (2013) Manufactured Britishness Available at: (Accessed: 15/08/17)

(image) Davies, H. Manufactured. Britishness [photograph] Available at: (Accessed: 15/08/17)


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