Dissertation: still looking at why we have connections to fictional characters- quite a broad topic. My research could be looking at how mothers are portrayed in films and selecting a script and using it as a starting point to open up a conversation between a mother and daughter.

Target one: becoming a super fan- make the experience more immersive, how would i become a superfan, could i pass as a super fan in an online forum? Troll someone who is mean about the person i am a super fan of. Read their instagram/ twitter account

Target two: Pick a character- look into either a fictional person or a archeyatype e.g. women in films, mothers in films, women in 60s films, women in action films- look at how they are portrayed.

Target three: research the different ways to adapt myself to a persona e.g. method acting- stanislavski (father of method acting). pick ones to test out

Notes: liked the experiment with the submarine and the dancing, but there is a physicality to it- a costume and set.

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