1. cut up a video- collaging the video, could do it with the film, take different sections of it, maybe collect all the clips of people falling. or a woman shrieking. make a mashup of it. all the faces that one women makes- a collage or catalogue of that womens face. could even print them off and cut them our as a college or do it on photoshop. Think about how to design the collection. could I put myself in the film through collage- take things from my life and place them in a similar scene to the film- could be used as a tool for planning- planing each shot.
  2. Collect and recreate artifacts from the film (so far possible ones: straps for seat, news paper, news reading, buttons on submarine)
  3. Look at language of the film- how the women are addressed compared to the men/ the submarine language/ sex symbol compared to doc/
  4. Choreography of the submarine:  the men pressing the buttons on the ship- recreating these movements
  5. compare the movements made on the submarine to ones used on a real sub
  6. playing each person in a scene- keep switching character, make a hybrid character out of two opposing characters in the film
  7. collect all the ways they describe the ship (maybe compared to how they describe the women)
  8. capture everyones laugh- reenact them, repetitiveness.
  9. how the submarine tips from each side- reenact (18:40)
  10. how could i reenact the submarine falling from side to side in real life (like JP)
  11. pick people i want to idolise and create a picture of them
  12. reenacting it in real life- going on my own voyage as these characters (or how to deal with a tragedy in my life as … character)
  13. most interesting characters so far: captain, sex symbol, doc, shark trainer, Religious Man
  14. look at how religion i used in the film (God in shown in the captain)
  15. explore rooms in the submarine ( captains office is interesting)
  16. objects with heavy sensory qualities: breathing equipment, movement of the submarine
  17. struggle for power scene ( i am not good at gaining power in situations, how can i gain power in my own life as … character)
  18. Make a character profile for each person im interested in
  19. looking at how i can change my physical voice

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