What’s happening next:

current affairs workshop- cut up and arrange what already existed: the newspaper workshop. could be singular words or images: (dada methods of creating poetry/ william burroughs/ david bowie)- cut up singular words from newspaper or images to create a college. drawn on them- explore, expand. can cut up text from the films (take part of the scrip, are some bits really sexist? can I change them around?

cut up a video- collaging the video, could do it with the film, take different sections of it, maybe collect all the clips of people falling. or a woman shrieking. make a mashup of it. all the faces that one women makes- a collage or catalogue of that womens face. could even print them off and cut them our as a college or do it on photoshop. Think about how to design the collection. could I put myself in the film through collage- take things from my life and place them in a similar scene to the film- could be used as a tool for planning- planing each shot.

Situating yourself in a space- field workshop (hefin) research methods (look over the sheet of research techniques). goat man project- how immersive a project can be. scientology ( louis Theroux) recreating the scientology church because they not get access to the actual church.


gaffa tape workshop- remaking/ rescriping existing objects.

Independent women (married to the statue of liberty) : women has turned her house into the shrine for the statue of liberty.


ghost object: in the second world war were built to fool enemy of weapons, such as planes, tanks, which don’t actually work. – simulating an object to be real. objects and perception (that’s what I could do with the fake artefacts) do they have to work or can they do something else.

Chinese museum found 40, 000 fake objects (using fake objects in chinese museums because too many museums opened and they didn’t have enough artifacts for them) the idea of history and artifacts. we have a relationship to real and fake things (a fake eiffel tower, souvenirs, toys, posters).

TASK: Have to set myself a target and sign that I will achieve it between now and the presentations. Set yourself a quantitative goal. get your first ideas out now- the obvious ones then can make the more interesting ones after christmas. DO the same thing multiple times not just once (e.g if you are going to turn yourself into a junk shop then turn yourself into a different junk shop each day). Failure is fundamentally important.  



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