Fieldwork Workshop Ideas

Activities to do next:

Idea 1: People and their alter egos:

Have you ever used an alter ego in your own life?

If you were to make one would it be based on a person or character you already know?

What characteristics would they have that you do not have?

What situation would you use your new persona in?

Can you draw them?

[Record People’s voices answering the questions + draw their personas]


Idea 2: personas in peoples lives

capturing how someone’s persona changes depending on who they are interacting with- looking mainly at vocals

their work voice

how they talk to their kids

a stranger

a lover

their mother

Idea 3: how people are remembered: their persona after they die

look into newspaper obituaries what are the highlights that are written in each piece- is there a template?

ask someone who has written one why they chose the words that they did,

or in funeral ceremony- what words are chosen and why? what is the general personas of the dead?

Idea 4:  what characters are related to my own persona? how do my loved ones see me? what are the hybrid of these personas?

idea 5: Create my own LARP- pick a book or film where there is a story of escape or put a couple of stories together (cut up method) and look at a character that could get out of that situation. Could bring a character from another book into my chosen story. E.g. James bond situation with Willy Wonka as a character. 

Learn how to be that character by collecting information about:

their body language, verbal language and physical appearance

their ideologies- why they think the way they do- what have they been through to make them think as they do- i should do the same (e.g they spent a week being chased by a wolf- spend a week pretending i am being chased by a wolf). Create a bible for them, a bible of ideologies which show that they believe.

worship them- to be like someone you need a sense of worship, giving yourself over to everything they are and everything they believe in. create a monument for them- a shrine to workshop

Fake artifacts- you’re persona changes around different peoples environment. I would act very differently if i was in a room full of my own belongings than if i moved all the items out of the room and put my auntie jans belongings in it. You are influenced by the objects. Create fake artifacts for the chosen character, collect as many objects as you can related to this persona and box them. Turn a corner of your room into that of your chosen personas, photograph it and then keep adding to it, showing the transformation of your room as you turn into the persona and collect the objects. a small corner of your room, then a full wall, a quater of the room, half,  and then a full room.




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