Initial ideas

  • I am interested in exploring how a fabricated space can become a conditioning tool for learning new behaviour and personas. For example conditioning through an environment- Disney world how to become a Disney princess, the Disney bubble can only carry out certain actions in park. This then affects the behaviour of the people playing the Princesses outside of Disney Land.
  • How a set of beliefs change the way we live our life- Dogtooth- being taught incorrectly about how the world works creates a new set of behaviour for the son and daughters. I wish to explore how I could change my beliefs about the world and how this would make my everyday change- exploring old tribal beliefs or fabricating ones of my own. Possibly even looking at taking the beliefs of a person or character.
  • Experiencing an identity change in mass groups- re-enactments. I have previously looked at a singular person but it would be interesting to explore how I could become part of an impersonation to a larger group and the effect that will have on my learning of that community.
  • Alter ego made up of more than one person such as Marilyn Mason. Who would I chose as my alter ego would I pick a few people depending on what activity I was carrying out? How would I choose and what qualities would I take from each person.

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