Creating an alter ego

Marilyn Mason created an alter ego as a stage presence that he later suggests lives with him in his everyday life. Claiming that he now lives in a fantasy Manson uses the two most iconic figures of the 1960’s Marilyn Monroe and psychotic cult leader Charles Manson to create his own alter ego [1]. Charles Manson lead 100 impressionable individuals to carry out certain murders on his behalf, through heavily using hallucinogenic he told the ‘Mason Family’ that he was the new Messiah. He had a particular hatred towards Hollywood and one of his most famous murders was that of Hollywood actress Shannon Tate [2] . He’s own beliefs contradict his catholic up bringing- “to me, Satan ultimately represents rebellion. Lucifer was the angel that was kicked out of heaven because he wanted to be God. To me, what greater character to identify with?” [3] There is no denying that his alter ego is a big part in his success. To bring two polar opposite characters together, someone from the 60’s who is loved and someone who is hatred could symbolise his flight against God and Satan. It would be interesting to explore who would be my own alter ego and what I would want to posses from the characters I chose. Would it be made up of just the one character, would I have a different character for each task in my life that I was trying to succeed in? And how would I physically show this transformation? Marilyn Mason is very much about the physical presence as well as the ideas that he preaches and the music that he makes, although he doesn’t look either like Marilyn Monroe or Charles Manson he incorporates both of these physical persona into his alter ego.

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