Catch me if you can

Based on a true story of Frank Abagnale jr. who carried out the most successful bank robbery in US history is a master of forage. He escapes from his own restrictions as a 17 year old boy by impersonating a doctor, layer and co- pilot. By exploring the different ‘stereotypical’ personality of these professions he gains the trust of the people around him as he explores his new roles in society. This film explores Abagnale life and shows the extent to which persona can be used to manipulate and influence the people around you. Although in the past I have explored looking at fictional characters I have not looked at roles associated with jobs. The stereotypes around jobs are huge and especially noticeable in London where people dress differently per borough and each borough appears to have a different job market. Of course it isn’t quite as black and white as this but in terms of stereotypes it interesting to explore how people approach you differently if you are wearing a different uniform or expressing certain body language.


[1] Catch me if you can (2002) Directed by Steven Spielberg [DVD] Universal City, CA: DreamWorks Home Entertainment.

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