The 2009 film Dogtooth revolves around three brothers and sisters who are trapped in their home by their manipulative father and mother. The are told a narrative about the world that aeroplanes will fall to the ground as small toys from the sky, that zombies are small yellow flowers and that you can’t leave the house without getting into a car. All these fabricated ideas contribute to the son and daughters conditioning to stay in the bounds of the house. They are experimented on like animals, doing tasks and winning stickers; they are not introduced to outside elements that will contradict the ideas of their safety in the house. The child like adults become terribly bored and start to resort to violence between one another, the curiosity of the outside world becomes too much and the eldest daughter attempts to escape. The fictional world in the film is the only world the children know, they are kept in a child like state of understanding and are governed by what they parents tell them is true, they are open to very little contradiction to this at first as they only encounter one women from the outside world. This film suggests how easy it is to fabricate a life for someone who trusts you; and how different life would be if we had a different set of ideas or umbrella of knowledge about the world. It would be interesting for me to explore how I would live my life differently if I were taught new knowledge about the world. If I looked into a tribe or a past set of beliefs about are universe and discovered how they would learn and react to today’s world. This can almost already be seen in religious and non- religious people; an atheist would experience their day, their actions and their thoughts much differently to that of an Orthodox Catholic. I plan to further explore the logistics of changing my beliefs of the world we live in and how this would affect my everyday life.

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