Reenacting of battles is participated by a select few of people, being part of a mass impersonation means people are draw to the field for many different reasons. Dave Born explained that he participates in battle reenactments because “I enjoy the camaraderie with others who enjoy history and I also enjoy the research in portraying particular people. This is like a busman’s holiday for me on horseback.” Further more Elliot M. Levy believes that “Many men fought to the death. They were admirable. I am in awe of them.” [1] The idea of showing your awe for someone by reenacting a battle with hundreds of other people on a muddy field seems odd to me, although thinking about it in terms of a ritual it feels more like a piece of experience design. Furthermore claiming that a holiday for oneself is participating in a battle that killed hundreds of men is peculiar but on an educational base the enactments allows people to learn about the battles, the scale and the physical brutality of it. I think the reasons why the battles become so immersive and important to the participants is the sheer size of them- the amount of people that take part makes the impersonators experience seem real. Again there is a conditioning in the size of the people participating; looking back at Disneyland the impersonation is achieved through the environment the participants are surrounded in, the language and body language they use, the physical transformation (outfits etc), and the people around them being part of the presentation. Similarly this can be seen in the reenactment battles, which ties the individual to a greater community.

Sacco, N. (2013) Exploring the Past Available at: (Accessed: 26/08/17)

(image) Sacco, N. (2013) Exploring the Past Available at: (Accessed: 26/08/17)


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