THOMAS THWAITES A holiday from being human

Thomas Thwaites explores the theme of identity through changing his own into an animal, more precisely a goat. The project became an “exploration of how close modern technology can take us to fulfilling an ancient human dream: to take on characteristics from other animals” [1]. What interests me most in Thwaites project is the tools he uses to create his transformation; through analysing goats, their bodies and behaviour he designs objects which enables him to replicate them. When I was exploring my own transformation into the character Jesse James, I had tools to help with my process but I did not go as far as to design these myself, or manipulate them- I was using ready made objects.

Similar to NOAM TORAN “objects for lonely men” where a man is “so obsessed with Godard’s Breathless that he designs and builds a tray which reflects the physical language of the film” [2]. The tray contains a replica of Jean Seberg head as well as glasses, gun, hat and cigarette. Although not all the objects in the project are made, the way Toran has compartmentalised the film into s tray of objects allows the user to connect better with the film. Thwaites uses his objects as an extension of himself enabling him to interact with the goats and that’s what I believe my project is missing- these fundamental objects which enforces the transformation.

[1] Waites, T. A Holiday From Being Human (Goatman) Available at: ] (Accessed: 28/07/17)
[2] Toran, N. (2001) objects for lonely men Available at: (Accessed: 16/08/17)

(images) Bowditch, T. Goatman Available at: (Accessed: 16/08/17)


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